Representation and Elections

Representation arrangements

South Wairarapa District Council consists of a mayor, who is chairperson of the Council and nine councillors elected via a constituency system. The three constituencies represented by councillors are mapped below, the mayor is elected at large:

Community Boards

The South Wairarapa district has three community boards.  The composition of each is as follows:

  • Featherston Community Board – four members elected by the community plus two ward councillors appointed by Council;
  • Greytown Community Board – four members elected by the community plus two ward councillors appointed by Council;
  • Martinborough Community Board – four members elected by the community plus two ward councillors appointed by Council.

Representation Review

Councils are required to review their representation arrangements at least once every six years. This review must consider:

  • The number of elected members (within the legal requirement to have a minimum of  six and a maximum of 14 members)
  • The boundaries and names of each constituency
  • The number of members that will represent each constituency.

Councils must follow the procedures set out in the Local Electoral Act 2001 when conducting their representation review. They should also follow the guidelines published by the Local Government Commission

The Local Electoral Act 2001 gives you the right to make a written submission to the Council on its proposed representation arrangements, as well as the right to be heard if you wish. You also have the right to appeal or object to any decisions on our representation arrangements. The Local Government Commission will then make a binding decision on the appeal. 

Further details on the matters that councils must consider in reviewing their membership and basis of election can be found in the Local Electoral Act 2001. The Council last conducted a review in 2018 for the 2019 local elections. Click here for more information on Council’s last review.

The Council will undertake its next review by 2024, for the 2025 elections.

Māori Wards

The Local Electoral Act 2001 (LEA) gives councils the ability to establish separate Māori Wards for Māori electors by passing a resolution on the matter. Council must follow the provisions set out in Schedule 1A of the LEA when establishing Māori Wards.

Previously, Councils were able to resolve to conduct a poll or communities were able to demand a poll on the establishment of Māori Wards. The Local Electoral (Māori Wards and Māori Constituencies) Amendment Act 2021 removed this process. Councils may still however initiate a non-binding poll to gauge public sentiment.

South Wairarapa District Council does not currently have a separate Māori Ward, but will be considering this as part of a Council representation review prior to the 2025 local body elections. To take effect for the 2025 elections, Council is required to resolve to establish a Māori Ward no later than 23 November 2023. The decision would remain in place for two election cycles.

In making a decision, Council must adhere to the decision-making and consultation provisions of the Local Government Act in sections 76AA to 82. Council ensures that it meets these obligations via its Significance and Engagement Policy.

Council administers a Māori Standing Committee with representatives from Papawai Marae, Kohunui Marae and Hau Ariki Marae, Pae tu Mokai o Tauira (a Featherston incorporated society representing local Māori interests in the district) as well as members from iwi Rangitāne o Wairarapa and Kahungunu ki Wairarapa.  The committee was established in accordance with Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Learn more about Māori wards


A pre-election report provides voters and candidates with information about the key issues facing the South Wairarapa District Council, its financial position and its major projects scheduled in the next three years.

Pre-Election Report 2022

Elections 2022 Final Results

2022 Elections Returns and Expenses

All candidates for the South Wairarapa District Council 2022 Triennial Elections must file a return of electoral donations and expenses.

The table below includes the returns of each candidate.

MayorConnelly, Martin
MayorGeisler, Daphne
MayorBeijen, Alex
MayorWest, Brenda
Featherston WardSadler-Futter, Melissa
Featherston WardOlds, Colin
Featherston WardGrabham, Jack
Featherston WardGray, Rebecca
Featherston WardEmms, Garrick
Featherston WardBlackwood, Philip
Featherston WardBleakley, Claire
Greytown WardWoodcock, Aaron
Greytown WardBosley, Martin
Greytown WardPlimmer, Alastair
Greytown WardRapson, Gareth
Martinborough WardMatchett, Jenna
Martinborough WardMaynard, Pip
Martinborough WardEllims, Aidan
Martinborough WardMcAulay, Kaye
Featherston Community BoardByrne, Mary
Featherston Community BoardDennison, John
Featherston Community BoardSchroeder, Annelise
Featherston Community BoardMaxwell, Warren
Featherston Community BoardRutherford, Tui
Greytown Community BoardWoodcock, Jo
Greytown Community BoardMorison, Neil
Greytown Community BoardBrown, Louise
Martinborough Community BoardBrown, Angela
Martinborough Community BoardRobertson, Storm
Martinborough Community BoardKrogh, Karen
Martinborough Community BoardMaynard, Melanie
Greytown Trust Lands TrustBuxton, Erica
Greytown Trust Lands TrustGawith, Rachel
Greytown Trust Lands TrustMeyrick, Stephen
Greytown Trust Lands TrustWilliams, Derek
Greytown Trust Lands TrustHolmes, Andrew

2019 Elections Returns and Expenses

All candidates for the South Wairarapa District Council 2019 Triennial Elections must file a return of electoral donations and expenses.

The table below includes the returns of each candidate current to 16 December 2019.

MayorBeijen, Alex
MayorFarr, Graham
MayorHarwood, Dayle
MayorNapier, Viv
Featherston WardEmms, Garrick
Featherston WardOlds, Colin
Featherston WardVickery, Ross
Featherston WardWest, Brenda
Greytown WardFox, Rebecca
Greytown WardHay, Leigh
Greytown WardPlimmer, Alistair
Greytown WardWoodgyer, Warren
Martinborough WardColenso, Pamela
Martinborough WardGeisler, Daphne
Martinborough WardJephson, Brian
Martinborough WardMaynard, Phillippa
Featherston Community BoardFreya, Indigo
Greytown Community BoardGray, Graeme
Greytown Community BoardRainford, Ann
Greytown Community BoardSymes, Shelley
Martinborough Community BoardEllims, Aidan
Martinborough Community BoardFenwick, Nathan
Martinborough Community BoardHobden, Penny
Martinborough Community BoardHoney, Michael
Martinborough Community BoardMaynard, Melanie
Martinborough Community BoardMcKeown, Peter
Martinborough Community BoardWall, Alex
Greytown Trust Lands TrustBell, Matthew
Greytown Trust Lands TrustHolden, Philip
Greytown Trust Lands TrustRegnault, Wayne

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