Guidelines To Other Health Registrations and Permits

The following procedures are designed by South Wairarapa District Council in its role as a Registration Authority to provide a quick and easy guide for potential applicants and proposed business that needs a health licence.

A health licence is a confirmation that a business is registered with South Wairarapa District Council. The Council checks and declares that they are operating to acceptable health regulations and standards.

Businesses that need to apply for a health licence

A licence or registration is required for the following activities:

  • Amusement devices
  • Beauty Therapy & Tattooing
  • Camping-grounds
  • Hairdressing
  • Hawking
  • Offensive Trades


Before you apply

If you’re setting up a new business that needs registration and / or licence, you should speak to the following teams at Council for advice:

Resource Consent

Check with Council’s District Planner for compatibility with the Wairarapa Combined District Plan. There may be District Plan requirements like operating hours or car parking provisions.

Building Consent

The Council’s Building Team should also be approached if structural alterations, plumbing, or gas fitting (LPG) is contemplated. There may be building requirements you need to meet depending on the type of business you want to trade in.

After you have sorted out your resource and building consents you can apply for registration. At least 20 working days before you want to open, complete the hairdresser’s registration application, and attach a to-scale floor plan showing all appliances and fittings. You could reuse the plans submitted as part of a building consent application if you had to do one of those.

Environmental Services

Check with Council’s Environmental Health Officer for suitability of proposed buildings (if existing), physical aspects and for information on legal requirements of your business.

Contact the Environmental Services department or ring 06 306 9611 for an inspection to confirm that all work has been completed in accordance with the approved plans. Be sure to have any code compliance certificates available for the EHO to see. Environmental Health Officer(s) (EHO) will make regular checks after you are open for business to ensure you comply with the health standards.


Amusement Devices Registration

Operating amusement devices like Ferris wheels, roller coasters, or other similar mechanical amusement rides requires registration with the Council according to Work Safe New Zealand and the Amusement Devices Regulations 1978.

Application Form for Registration For An Amusement Device [PDF]

Beauty Therapists and Tattooist Registration

Providing commercial services like beauty therapy, nail augmentation, skin piercing and tattooing carries health and hygiene risks for customers. South Wairarapa District Council has adopted a new health and hygiene bylaw and code of practice to ensure that these services and the premises where they are provided are not potentially harmful for the health of our community. This bylaw requires that premises are registered.

Application Form for Registration For Beauty Therapists & Tattooists [PDF]

Camping-ground, Hairdressers and Offensive Trade registration

Camping-ground Registration

Operating a camping ground requires registration to ensure that it complies with the Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985. Please contact the Environmental Health department or ring 06 306 9611 to discuss your proposal before you lodge a registration application.

Hairdresser & Barbershop Registration

Before you can open your hairdressing business to the public you will need to apply for a certificate of registration. It is an offence to operate a hairdresser without a certificate. Hairdressers require registration to ensure that it complies with the Health (Hairdressers) Regulations 1980

Offensive-Trade Registration

Offensive Trades such as septic tank desludging, transporting and disposal of sludge through the South Wairarapa District will require registration with the Council under the Health Act 1956.

Application Form for Registration For Campground, Hairdresser, & Offensive Trade [PDF]

Hawking Licences

Selling goods or services on streets, roads, footpaths, and other public places is referred to as Hawking. Hawking is governed by Council’s Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaw 2019 and requires a licence. You will be issued a licence which gives you the ability to sell your goods in one of the specified areas located in Featherston, Greytown and Martinborough. If you would like to set up a stall to sell goods in public places please complete the Hawkers Licence form, 10 working days before you intend to set up.

Application Form for Trading in Public Places (Hawking) [PDF]

Street Days, Appeals and Raffles

If you want to raise funds or collect money on the street for a charity, you need to apply for permission from Council. Visit our street days, appeals or raffles page for information on how to apply.

Renewing your Registration

You must renew your registration every year for the period 1 Aug to 31 July. If you are currently registered, we will automatically send you a renewal application.

Any Changes to your Registration

You must notify Council if you are selling your business or surrendering your registration to enable the registration details to be updated in the Council records.

Suspend or Surrender of Registration

If you wish to suspend, surrender, or transfer your registration, please contact Council as soon as possible. The Environmental Services Team prefers to have a written statement requesting any changes to your business.

Transfer of Registration

If you purchase an existing business or premises, there is a fee to transfer the registration into your name. The transfer must be completed within 14 days of the purchase of the premises for the registration to remain valid.

Application Form for Transfer of Registration of Premises [PDF]

What Happens Once You’ve Applied

We will process your application once you have contacted the relevant teams, and you have sent us:

  • your Registration Application
  • the site plan(s)
  • proposal(s)
  • completed checklist(s)

For new businesses, once your application and design are approved, the Environmental Services Team would prefer to have your site visually pre-inspected and visited before the intended opening of the new business.


Contact us with complaints regarding the abovementioned premises that include:

  • Cleanliness and sanitation
  • Unacceptable disposal of rubbish
  • No licenses
  • Pest infestation (cockroaches, flies, rodents)
  • Public safety concern (noise, odour, smoke)

Complaints about the quality of service should always be discussed with the manager or owner of the premises.

If you have any questions regarding the registration of any of the above activities, please contact the Environmental Services Team on 06 306 9611 or email

Fees (as of 1st of July 2022)

Fees (as of 1st of July 2022)
Amusement Devices Registration
For one device, for the first 7 days of proposed operation thereof$11.50
For each additional device, for the first 7 days or part thereof$2.30
For each device, for each further period 7 days or part thereof$1.15
Beauty Therapy and Tattooists Registration$ 156.00
Camping-Grounds, Hairdressers, and Offensive Trades Registration$260.00
Hawking Licence$156.00

Useful Links

Amusement Device Regulations 1978 Legal Text

Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985 Legal Text

Health Act 1956 Legal Text

Health (Hairdressers) Regulations 1980 Legal Text

Health (Burial) Regulations 1946 Legal Text

Wairarapa Consolidated Bylaws 2019 Legal Text

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