Water and sewerage

This page contains information about the district’s water supplies and sewer services and what you need to do to connect to those services. If you have an issue to report relating to water (drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and stock water races), please contact Council on 06 306 9611 or online via the ‘Get it Sorted’ page.


When you build a new house or business in the urban area you will probably need to connect your property to the water supply and sewer mains. Complete the application forms listed below to get the process started. There is a $67.00 connection fee each for water and sewer. Check with Council officers to confirm if you need to lodge a road-opening bond for the work.

Drainage Connection Application

Water Supply Application

Paying serviceable rates for sewer or water is recognition that services can be provided to the boundary. This is usually put on the rates at the time of subdivision as a rates relief until the property is built on. An application is required at this stage to connect to the services and fees paid. For full details please refer to the Town Water Supply or Waste Water Disposal Policies. Contact the Infrastructure and Services team or ring 06 306 9611 to find out more.


Water in our district comes from the Waiohine catchment for Featherston, the Kuratawhiti Street bore for Greytown residents, and the Herricks bore field for users in Martinborough. Treated water is delivered to residential properties through the network reticulation.

As of 1 October 2019, SWDC became a joint owner of Wellington Water Limited. This means that while council owns all its ‘three waters’ infrastructure, Wellington Water Limted is responsible for managing it and providing ‘three waters’ services to the Council. This includes providing planning, advice, design, project and operations management, maintenance, and monitoring relating to the assets and services of the water networks. SWDC sets all the policies and performance objectives that are expected to be met by Wellington Water.

Frequently asked questions about SWDC’s move to Wellington Water.

More information about Wellington Water.

Water Conservation

Council’s Water Conservation Strategy allows watering of gardens on alternate days only throughout the year. Odd numbered properties (or fire number) are permitted to water on odd numbered dates and even numbered properties (or fire numbers) to water on even dates.

When water is in short supply, for example in the summer months, Council will declare higher level water restrictions, to ensure there is enough water to go around everyone.

Charges and Metering

Residents pay an annual charge in their rates for the extraction, treatment and delivery of water to their property. There is a threshold of 350 cubic metres per household above which incurs an additional charge of $1.84 per cubic metre.  Most water connections are metered so we can monitor our water consumption and track leaks more easily. For more information please contact the Infrastructure and Services team on 06 306 9611 xtn 825.

Checking for Leaks

Have a look at our Water Meter Brochure to see how to check for water leaks on your property.

Water pipeline maintenance

Council maintains the water mains, but residents are required to maintain the “laterals” – the pipes that run from your house or business to the Council owned pipe, which usually terminates at your property boundary. If you suspect a leaking water pipe on your property, call a plumber. If you think there is a leaking water main then contact the Council on 06 306 9611 (24 hours).


The collection, treatment and disposal of waste water is essential for maintaining public health standards and for minimising the impact of urban populations on the environment. Council’s objective under the Long Term Plan is to provide high quality wastewater disposal systems, including reducing the amount of stormwater that enters the wastewater system. Council’s wastewater treatment plants are located at Longwood Road for Featherston, Pah Road for Greytown, and Martinborough Vineyard for Martinborough.

Wastewater is treated and then disposed of by irrigation to land (in Martinborough and Greytown) and in local streams and rivers in accordance with a carefully managed resource consent with the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

South Wairarapa residents pay for sewage reticulation and treatment as an annual charge in their rates.

Sewer Pipeline Maintenance

Council maintains the sewerage network and performs regular repair, upgrade and renewal programmes on the system. Residents are required to maintain the lateral pipes that connect their house or business to the Council owned pipe, which is usually situated in the road or street. If you suspect a broken sewer lateral on your property call a plumber. If you think the main sewer line is broken or blocked then contact the Council on 06 306 9611 (24 hours).

Dumping septic tank waste form

Access Requests

Web Address Logo for Lodging a Digging RequestIf you plan to perform any trenching or drilling work in an area where there is a risk of coming into contact with a Council sewer or water main please use the beforeUdig website at least two days in advance. If this work is in the road reserve you will need to make a Corridor Access Request by using the beforeUdig website.

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